Netflix has announced that it is cutting 150 jobs, representing 2% of its workforce. The company says the layoffs are not performance-based, but are rather due to changes within the business. Most of the cuts come from the editorial and marketing divisions.

It is disappointing that the two departments cut, were not utilized effectively. Netflix had a marketing department that did not truly market their content. Ask yourself how many times do you see advertisements for Netflix when you watch tv? Where are the media buys and interviews with Netflix spokespeople to speak about their latest programs?, Where are the celebrities like in Hulu commercials? I am a huge fan of Cobra Kai and I didn’t know it was returning until I went to YouTube and saw it in my feed. Outside of that, I would have not known it was being released in September.

Netflix has a variety of different social media channels that it uses to advertise its content. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and podcasts. The editorial team is responsible for creating and managing content for these channels. Their job is to make sure that Netflix’s presence is felt within these online spaces.

Netflix’s decision to let go of two of their strongest departments was a huge mistake. With the right leadership and direction in place, these departments could have flourished. Netflix has admitted that they have been wasteful with their spending, but moving forward they are vowing to change that. However true change can only come from leaders who are willing to lead and direct. If not they will be in this same position again reducing their work force and restructuring.