Netflix is losing its users to a bitter pill called reality

Netflix has been teasing the implementation of ads within low cost options. This came after announcing their first quarter subscriber losses. Many users are upset, which is understandable but their […]

What Can We Expect From Meta’s Earning Call?

Meta’s earnings call will be today after the markets close. The last call back in February was not good. During that call, Meta announced they had a decline of users, […]

CNN Plus launched and failed, here’s why

The debacle at CNN+ is baffling to some but in actuality it is revealing. For the last couple of years CNN was one of the top rated cable news stations. […]

Why Pay Disclosure Laws Maybe A Good Thing

Colorado has a pay disclosure law in place and New York will have one starting on May 15. Many companies feel that pay disclosure laws are unnecessary. However we need […]

The Importance of Internal Transparency

Companies use to have meetings to introduce new hires and even announce promotions. As e-mail became more prevalent, they would send out an e-mail with these announcements. When it came […]

The Flaws of Middle Management

Middle management is often seen as necessary in most organizations. They are the ones who bridge the gap between senior management and the employees. However, they are often seen as […]

The Latest Trick Being Used To Retain Employees

Companies are asking employees to praise their co-workers to promote workplace retention. In some instances, they will give employees a monthly allotment of points to reward their co-workers with. These […]

Issues The Metaverse Need To Address Before Release

The Metaverse will be a virtual reality world where users can interact, game and experience things as they would in the real world. Users will be able to immerse themselves […]