Why digital advertising is in a downward spiral?

Monday was a very tough day for Snap Inc.’s Evan Spiegel, the company’s CEO, who warned employees of slowing growth in a company-wide memo. The news really shook up the […]

Disney’s Methodological Flaw

Disney is set to release a new, cheaper subscription option for their Disney+ streaming service that will include commercials. The current ad-free version of the service will still be available […]

Netflix’s Layoffs: A Lack of Leadership?

Netflix has announced that it is cutting 150 jobs, representing 2% of its workforce. The company says the layoffs are not performance-based, but are rather due to changes within the […]

Will Virtual Reality Finally Be A Success?

The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in home consoles started in 1993 by Sega. They created a VR headset to be used on the Sega Genesis and they had four […]

Importance of Industry Disruptors

There are some companies whose intentions are to disrupt a particular market, however they end up serving a greater purpose. Take a company called MoviePass. MoviePass was a movie subscription […]

Meta Hiring Slowdown Is Necessary

Meta hiring slowdown happened long before this announcement, not too many people paid attention to it. Meta had a few new roles they created but after the February’s earning call […]

The downside of companies spreading themselves too thin

On Monday, Facebook announced they were shutting down Audio Hub. This was a hub for podcasting. It was launched in April of 2021. Facebook launched this after they noticed the […]