Return To The Office; Business As Usual? Maybe Not

Some companies want employees back in office and they are willing to pay them to relocate. The idea of returning to the traditional office setting is something many companies desperately […]

Navigating During Economic Downturn

When the economy isn’t doing well, innovation can be a challenge for businesses. Resources and expenses may have to be adjusted, which hampers progress. Even so, it is still possible […]

Flexible Working Arrangements In UK; Will They Come To America?

Flexible working arrangements are now available to all workers in the UK, regardless of their length of service. This change comes as part of the government’s plans to make flexible […]

Hiring for Personality? Beware of the Consequences!

In recent months, there has been an increase in the number of people complaining about so-called “personality hires” – people who are given jobs based on their likability and charm, […]

The Dangers of Pursuing Altruism in Business

It has recently come out that crypto exchange FTX used Effective Altruism to scam billions of dollars from investors. Effective Altruism is about finding ways of doing good that are […]

Is Allowing Employees to Make Business Decisions a Good Idea?

Basketball is one of my favorite sports. Growing up, my dad and I would watch the Chicago Bulls together. We saw them win back-to-back championships when Jordan was on the […]

Understanding Salary Transparency

Job seekers have many complaints when it comes to the current job market. One of them is ghosting by recruiters and hiring managers, another is the lengthy interview process and […]

iPhone 14 Thoughts

As an Android user, I have never had an iPhone. However, many of my friends and family members do have iPhones. The recent release of the iPhone 14 has caused […]

More To These Layoffs Than Economic Downturn

These days, lots of companies are downsizing their workforces. Most people believe that layoffs only occur for economic reasons. While it is true that financial concerns can lead to layoffs, […]

The Future Trend That Rescinding Job Offers Will Create

There is an increasing trend of companies rescinding job offers from candidates who had already agreed to work for them. Although this is not illegal, it is something that many […]