Microsoft Activision Merger Woes

Microsoft’s attempted merger with Activision has revealed a lot about their gaming division and it’s not good. Microsoft entered into the gaming industry in 2001 with XBOX. Coincidentally, Sega had […]

The Dangers of Over Sharing

Social media has evolved over time. In the beginning, it was difficult to know what to post on sites like Myspace.  Myspace at the time had tons of surveys which […]

Two Troubling Examples of A.I Misuse: Legal and Mental Health

The development of Artificial Intelligence is happening at an incredible rate. Despite not being completely perfected, many firms are already utilizing it for certain tasks such as research, emails and […]

Remote Work Paradox: Why Are Companies Concerned?

Despite the fact that workers are feeling productive while working from home, employers remain skeptical. In their eyes, productivity has decreased and thus they want their employees to return to […]

AI’s Destruction of The Japanese Economy; Is The U.S Next?

In a recent move, Wendy’s has teamed up with Google to introduce AI chatbots to their drive-thru ordering system. Other restaurants such as CKE Restaurants, which owns Carl’s Jr and […]

The Potential Future of Recruitment

In an effort to find the best job candidates, America’s largest bank, JP Morgan Chase, is turning to AI technology. They are creating a unique model that will assess “employee […]

The Impact of Proptech on the Real Estate Sector and Its Implications

The bursting of the 2008 housing bubble created an opportunity for hedge funds and other investors to purchase residential properties at discounted prices. These included single-family homes, foreclosed lots, and […]

Elon Musk’s Twitter Vision and Driving Growth

When viewed from a different angle, it becomes apparent why someone like Elon Musk was attracted to purchasing Twitter. Before Elon’s purchase, Twitter faced stagnation in growth; however, he saw […]

Navigating The Future of Autonomous Cars

Investors have grown concerned about Tesla’s financial future following a 29% price reduction for the Model Y. This price decrease has affected their bottom line and shaken confidence in Elon […]

Return To The Office; Business As Usual? Maybe Not

Some companies want employees back in office and they are willing to pay them to relocate. The idea of returning to the traditional office setting is something many companies desperately […]