Elon Musk’s Twitter Vision and Driving Growth

When viewed from a different angle, it becomes apparent why someone like Elon Musk was attracted to purchasing Twitter. Before Elon’s purchase, Twitter faced stagnation in growth; however, he saw […]

Navigating The Future of Autonomous Cars

Investors have grown concerned about Tesla’s financial future following a 29% price reduction for the Model Y. This price decrease has affected their bottom line and shaken confidence in Elon […]

Return To The Office; Business As Usual? Maybe Not

Some companies want employees back in office and they are willing to pay them to relocate. The idea of returning to the traditional office setting is something many companies desperately […]

Going Beyond AI Regulation

The Biden Administration recently announced that it is contemplating the possibility of implementing some form of regulations for ChatGPT and other AI tools. However, I believe focusing on AI technology […]

Hotdogs and AI – The Correlation

Back in 1990 Hotdogs were extremely popular. They were everywhere; from sporting events like baseball, Football, NASCAR, Tennis & Basketball games; amusement parks and other gatherings. According to The National […]

Navigating During Economic Downturn

When the economy isn’t doing well, innovation can be a challenge for businesses. Resources and expenses may have to be adjusted, which hampers progress. Even so, it is still possible […]

Why Did E3 End?

It was recently announced that the Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as E3 was cancelled for this year. How did we get here, let’s start at the beginning. E3 started […]