There is an increasing trend of companies rescinding job offers from candidates who had already agreed to work for them. Although this is not illegal, it is something that many candidates are not aware a company could do and it can be a great source of frustration for candidates.

There are many stories and new data that alludes that companies are the victims and that some people are not interested in working but where are the stories geared towards the gross negligence that is exhibited by potential employers? What we do know is how strenuous it is to get a job.

Individuals will make it through this tribulation but companies need to understand the cat is officially out the bag. Companies set the tone with a rigorous interview process ranging from five to seven interviews; which last months. Next, companies have an issue with recruiters and hiring managers ghosting and no accountability is being held there. They request special project assignments to show your skills which requires effort and time. Once one lucky candidate is able to overcome all of those things, they have the opportunity to get an offer. All of this for one chance to support their livelihood; which is on the company’s terms. Now it turns out, a company can rescind an offer or if you’re lucky hire then fire you with a severance package.

That is about to change big time and there are certain signs of this change. For starters, potential employees have started ghosting on their start date to go with better offers that have come in later. Other potential employees are using their offers to negotiate better deals with another suitor or current employer. This is just the beginning of a shift in power.

It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to company culture. Especially when I understand companies have to watch their bottom line and do what is best for business but when you look at the ghosting, the long interview process, showcasing of projects and tons of other things something has and will give. In the long run the company will suffer because they lack simple decency.

Many companies past and present complain about unions but the first strike was in 1768 by journeymen tailors who protested wage reductions. In 1794 the first union was formed in Philadelphia by shoemakers. The point of me saying this is the things you do today, will shape tomorrow. Unions would have never existed if companies had exhibited human decency and paid workers accordingly. Companies act as if tomorrow is a day that will never come but before you know it; it will be your present. So when the next wave of so-called-flaky employees or employee hoppers come along take an inventory of how your industry and maybe your own company possible contributed to this.