As an Android user, I have never had an iPhone. However, many of my friends and family members do have iPhones. The recent release of the iPhone 14 has caused quite a stir among users because the low-end model is the same as the iPhone 13. The only upgrades are on the iPhone 14 Plus; which include a new A16 chip and slightly larger screen. Apple also announced they were not going to raise the iPhone prices in the US and China. However they are increased in other markets like the UK, Japan, and Germany.

Did Working From Home Affect The iPhone?

Apple’s release of the iPhone 14 was met with disappointment from many who were hoping for more innovative features and design changes. The pandemic has been cited as a key reason for the lack of advancement in the new phone, as working remotely limited the team’s creativity, collaboration, and testing. Apple seems to have recognized the phones limited offerings and decided not to hike the price for a phone whose lower model is equivalent to the previous year’s model.

Apple has asked its employees to return to the office, saying that working remotely has compromised creativity and collaboration. The company has offered a hybrid solution, where employees can split their time between working in the office and at home. Many employees have said collaboration and creativity has not suffered and they feel they do not need to return to the office. The recent release of the iPhone 14 and its poor reception is an indicator that Apple may have been right about the effect working for home has on creativity and the collaboration process.