Some companies want employees back in office and they are willing to pay them to relocate. The idea of returning to the traditional office setting is something many companies desperately want, but it cannot be approached with a “business as usual” mentality. Of course, prior to the pandemic there were those who found commutes and full days in an office setting as a form of going through the motions; yet they still managed to push through. Since COVID-19 hit, life around us has changed drastically. One of those shifts is in some people’s attitude and behavior, specifically when it comes to driving. I have noticed an increase in recklessness.

The economy is another change with the increase of gas prices and food. Additional concerns revolve around safety arriving and leaving work. For example, Amazon was forced to move its headquarters from downtown Seattle due to elevated crime rates within its area in 2022.

Large scale job losses have occurred and are still ongoing. Some people may not be ready to move elsewhere, even though the employer is willing to pay for it because the security of their livelihood is so uncertain.

These past few months have consisted of stories of employers dismissing their staff with complete coldness. Employees being locked out of their systems or receiving texts informing them that they were no longer employed. It’s highly unlikely many will take the risk and relocate in this current state of the economy. Companies need to realize this and put up with remote work until economic stability returns.