When viewed from a different angle, it becomes apparent why someone like Elon Musk was attracted to purchasing Twitter. Before Elon’s purchase, Twitter faced stagnation in growth; however, he saw potential in the platform. An individual known for pushing technological boundaries and disrupting industries could envision what was required to push Twitter beyond its stagnation. This vision was appreciated by the investors who supported his acquisition of the company.

When Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he had the wisdom not to shut it down and start from scratch. Instead, he decided to make changes while the platform was still active. This has led to some disruption for users, as they have had to adjust to check marks and rule modifications. However, this live surveying and debugging approach enables him to address any emerging issues in real time. In response to user feedback, he implemented a change allowing high-profile and celebrity accounts with over one million followers to receive a blue check mark. Over time, trust between the user base and Twitter should be restored as the platform continues its work in progress.