Social media has evolved over time. In the beginning, it was difficult to know what to post on sites like Myspace.  Myspace at the time had tons of surveys which allowed users to share and find one another because they had similar interests. For instance, a fan of Doctor Who could easily find others that were into the same show and converse about episodes.

Social media evolved and expanded with the release of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For example, Twitter was the first of its kind to allow users to share whatever random thought came to mind in an instant. This ability makes it particularly beneficial for real-time events like TV programs, sports games or product launches.

On sites like Facebook, users can post pictures, thoughts and even join communities. Instagram takes these posts a step further by allowing people to provide a more detailed look at what they do to what they eat to where they vacation and everything in between.

Entering the new decade of 2020, we find that social media has become such an essential part of people’s lives that there are now blurring line between public and private. One’s personal thoughts, activities, and even certain actions can have repercussions in their professional life; especially when you post it on social media platforms.

Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for people to suffer the consequences of their social media posts. Just recently, a woman was let go from her job after posting a TikTok video claiming she made $29.00 per hour when in reality she only earned $23.00. Similarly, another person was fired after they filmed themselves on a zoom company meeting and posted it online.

It is important to be aware of the potential consequences of oversharing on social media. Posting too much information can not only damage your reputation, but also cost you financially. Users should exercise caution and restraint when it comes to what they choose to share online. It is unnecessary to broadcast every aspect of one’s life on platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok or Twitter. There has to be a form of personal accountability and self-restraint.

Don’t get me wrong, social media has many benefits; such as sharing valuable information and forming relationships with people from around the world. However, without exercising caution when using social media, the repercussions can be far-reaching and devastating. Unfortunately, many people ignore this fact and put themselves in danger as a result.