Companies are asking employees to praise their co-workers to promote workplace retention. In some instances, they will give employees a monthly allotment of points to reward their co-workers with. These points can be redeemed as Amazon, Target, Starbucks gift cards and other perks for their work place achievements. 

This is what companies are doing to promote retention but this retention is through their employees and not effort on the companies’ part. This will cause more harm than good in the long run.

For starters you will cause resentment amongst the employees that you are asking to give praise. It is one thing to give praise because you want to, but to make it as a requirement; like it’s an additional job duty, will cause stress and bitterness.

In addition this also shows poor company culture. If you as a manager are not aware of your employees’ achievements, then you are not mindful of your employee skills and weaknesses.

Companies are going down a rabbit hole wanting to retain but in essence they are showcasing their lack of communication and listening skills. Employees are telling you what they want but if you are not listening and willing to have an open dialog; then retention is not your only problem.