Companies use to have meetings to introduce new hires and even announce promotions. As e-mail became more prevalent, they would send out an e-mail with these announcements. When it came to new hires a company would speak about the individual’s background, achievements and previous experience. When it came to promotions they would explain why the individual was promoted. For example, the employee would be praised for achieving something new or implementing processes that increased efficiency.

As an employee, when you heard of this individual’s achievements, you realized that they deserved the promotion and discovered ways that you too could improve. However some companies don’t announce promotions and even give explanations on why a person was promoted. In many instances employees are hit with a one, two punch; because they were not aware positions were available and two they wonder why this particular person.

Other employees may feel that the one promoted was not a strong worker, lazy and a million other things. Then the question comes to mind, how did management come to the decision to promote this person? Now here comes problems of friction, employees resigning and just an overall shift in morale. Congratulations you just tainted your entire department because you as a leader cannot effectively communicate.

The lack of communication created a situation of unnecessary assumptions. This in turn creates a toxic company culture. A simple email and explanation that a position is available, introducing a new hire or even why you promoted someone; can save a company from misunderstandings, money & time finding a new hire and morale issues.