There are some companies whose intentions are to disrupt a particular market, however they end up serving a greater purpose. Take a company called MoviePass. MoviePass was a movie subscription service that allowed you to pay a fee to see movies. Based on your plan you would be able to go and see a certain amount of movies. If you paid twenty dollars you would get to see two movies per month, fifty dollars would get you six movies a month and one hundred dollars would allow you to see unlimited movies for that month.

MoviePass angered many theaters like AMC, Regal and Cinemark because a subscription service deflated the movie experience represented.  The movie chains rage increased when they realized that MoviePass was not making money off the subscriptions but from partnering with various companies selling the access to their customer base. MoviePass at one point was partnered with Costco and Fandor. AMC, Regal and Cinemark decided that they were going to create their own subscription service to compete against MoviePass. These subscription services also offered discounts at concession stand. With the new found competition along with other controversies MoviePass went down in flames and eventually faded away, temporarily.

MoviePass was not able to compete with these theaters for subscriptions but what they did do was disrupt the market and force innovation. Prior to MoviePass, costumers complained about the prices of movie tickets and how expensive concession stands were. However theaters did not acknowledge customers complaints. If it was not for MoviePass we would not have subscription based movie services right now, nor other discounts and specials. Netflix is another disruptor. If it was not for Netflex and the cord cutting it caused we would not have streaming services like Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, HBO Max just to name a few. Remember cable prices were going up each year and they refused to do, a la carte. Netflix disruption also influenced the internet speeds; internet providers had to improve their infrastructure to offer faster internet due to streaming. The disruption these companies caused ushered in a new era. If it were not for companies like these that take risks to shake up the status quo, we would not be where we are now.