It is high time that Congress makes some much-needed laws for the internet. The internet has become an integral part of our lives, and yet there are very few regulations governing it. This needs to change, as our medical records, social interactions, and personal information are all stored online. Without adequate laws in place, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to security risks.

Congress has thus far refused to create any comprehensive privacy legislation, choosing instead to leave the regulation of data and personal information up to the Federal Communications Commission. This is despite the fact that many experts believe that such laws are necessary in order to protect people from crimes like identity theft, financial theft, bullying, trolling, stalking, and catfishing. It appears that Congress would rather pass the buck on this issue than take responsibility for crafting meaningful legislation.

By taking this approach, neither laws are created nor multiple issues addressed because they can’t be classified under this category or even by this agency. Lack of action from Congress not only damages progress, but also stops the advancement of technology. Inaction prevents critical issues from being addressed and results in a standstill in development.

As technology advances, so do the ways in which people can be taken advantage of. For example, the Metaverse will contain biometric data like the way people blink, sound, and move. This information could be used by identity thieves to steal people’s identities or by bullies to harass others. While platform providers can take steps to address these problems, they cannot be solved without involvement from law enforcement and other governing authorities.