Meta’s earnings call will be today after the markets close. The last call back in February was not good. During that call, Meta announced they had a decline of users, Apple’s privacy changes effect on their revenue and increased competition from TikTok. All of these things dropped Meta stock by 26%. So, what are some of the things the latest earnings call will focus on today?

For starters, the last few months have been rather slow. There has been nothing impactful happening. Granted, there has been rumors that Meta has slowed down hiring for E3 and E4 engineers. Construction of the Metaverse is still ongoing.

With the various Metaverse features being created. One of the updates they might mention is Zuck Bucks, which are in-app tokens that can be used within the Metaverse. The reason they would mention this is to illustrate to investors that there is an opportunity for an additional revenue stream geared towards consumers using real money for in-app tokens. These tokens could possibly be used to purchase accessories for your avatar or other virtual knickknacks.

Speaking of additional revenue streams, Meta announced on Monday they will open a brick and mortar. The company will debut this store at the Meta Burlingame campus. This store will include Ray Ban Stories which are smart glasses. They will also have VR hardware which you can try. The store will be equivalent to the Apple Store but with Meta focused products. This is a great idea because it will allow Meta to showcase their own products, show the value and how to properly use them. This will also allow them to develop a built in customer base for the upcoming Metaverse.