Middle management is often seen as necessary in most organizations. They are the ones who bridge the gap between senior management and the employees. However, they are often seen as the ones who are the most inefficient and ineffective in the organization. Here are some of the main flaws of middle management.

1 .Middle managers are reactive to both senior management and the employees. This can cause them to not be proactive enough in the organization.

2. Employee’s perceive middle management as a barrier to achieving their goals. Do you know that some employees feel that middle management prevent work from being done? It’s not surprising as some of the employees described their managers late in providing information required to perform work and in some cases they don’t receive the information at all.

3. Some middle managers are figure heads that are not proficient or knowledgeable of the skills of those who they manage. In essence they are just buffers between senior management and the employees. This causes problems because when employees who are more knowledgeable about their job seek guidance from them, a major breakdown in communication occurs which causes issues within the organization.

It is not always bad to have middle management, as long as they are there to help with efficiency. However, often time the position is being used to shield senior management from dealing with employees and offer no real effectiveness.